Happyish Ending

I caught a cold. A severe one. The symptoms started on Monday, but it didn’t go crazy on me until after I took my last final exam. I was suppose to pick up my new car after my last exam, but it was delayed until the following day. The car I was suppose to get was damaged when a porter hit it with another car. Oops. So, my sales guy had to find another car for me. He was able to find one and have it deliver the following day. The good news is that I am officially a Mazda owner. What a beaut. I’m in the honeymoon phase. There are so much features!  Say hello to my 2015 Mazda 3 i Touring hatchback. 

The bad news is that this cold is kicking my butt. My voice sounds horrible and I’m always woozy now from the cold medications. Even though I am suffering through this terrible cold, I have a sort of happyish ending in my car drama. No more rental car! I emailed my insurance claims rep the rental car receipt. The other party better pay up and reimburse me. 


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