See you soon, Taiwan

It been years since I went on an actual overseas vacation. Since my new passport arrived recently, it is time to put some stamps on it. The first country to visit is…ta da…Taiwan!

I can’t believe that it had been more than ten years since I last visited Taiwan. What I’ve been told over and over is that a lot of things have change since then, so I am super excited. My flights are booked for July. Not the ideal time, but it is the only available time I can visit. I am expecting the crazy heat and high humidity with some typhoons. Also, a lot of delicious food and snacks.

Knowing that Taiwanese summer is very hot, I went shopping over the Memorial Day weekend for some shorts. Bermuda shorts. I bought three pairs of different kinds of Bermuda shorts. Maybe need to buy two more pairs since I will be in Taiwan for a week. I  guess I can do the shopping for tops when I am in Taiwan because I have seen quite a few cute shirts on Yesstyle. It would be a lot cheaper there.

I will be staying with my brother, which will be interesting. His wife and son are in Japan when I am visiting Taiwan. He’s nice enough to take me around Taiwan for three days to see our many cousins and their families who are scattered throughout the country. Road trip! On my next to-do list is to get an international driver’s permit. Then buying many boxes of See’s Candies for gifts. Or vice versa.


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