Recap of May

I hope June will be a more of an easy-going, laid back sort of month. May was such a dramatic birthday month.

Car accident, insurance claim, final exams, rental car, total loss settlement, new car research, test drive, caught a nasty cold, NyQuil, new car, birthday, bought round-trip plane tickets to Taiwan. 

May was such a strange month. I don’t think I had a month like that before. I hope it doesn’t happen again. Those things that I listed happened to me. I didn’t mention that my best friend also had a super fun month like me. She had a crazy nasty fall when she went rollerblading around her parents’ neighborhood. Sprained both of her wrists, nasty looking bruises on her knees and elbows, cut above her eyebrow, and light bruises on her face. It looked like she got into a fight and lost. She had to stayed over at her parents’ for almost a month, took several days off from work, and was bored out her mind. Now that June is here, things are looking better for us and hopefully quieter.

We both also almost run over a squirrel last week. Two different squirrels, but luckily both squirrels escaped death. May was really such a strange month. It was also cold in May…in Southern California. They called it a reverse spring.


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