OC Night Market 

OC Night Market was great fun despite the long waiting in line for that fried monster squid (almost over an hour!). This time I spent more money on non-food items. Those merchandise tables distracted me. Fantastic Fam and Forever Love Flowers were the tables that I spent the most money on. Total amount was around $100.

I wish I had taken a video of the man serving the Turkish ice cream. He did a lot of teasing to the customers before giving them the ice cream. I got the pistachios and chocolate flavors. The ice cream was thick, almost similar to a gelato, but different. Like it is chewy. Good ice cream.

The night market at the OC fairgrounds have improved a lot since their first outing few years ago. More space and the layout is much better. However, some of the food vendors still need to work on that crazy stupid long pick up line. Looking at you, Squid Roe. They should just call out the number from the ticket instead of making people wait in the pick up line and handing over the ticket. Also, some of the food vendors need to put up signs to show which windows are the order or pick up windows. There were some confusion and waiting in the wrong line. Despite these issues, OC Night Market is a lot better than the 626 Night Market. 626 was way too crowded and felt claustrophobic. And too far of a drive.

Next month, I will experience the authentic night markets in Taiwan.


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