Spend the Day with Bob

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

Hi, my name is Bob and I’m a dog. Well, more of a mutt. Aren’t you curious about how I spend my day? It doesn’t matter because I will tell you anyway.

Morning. I stand by the window making sure no one goes in or out of my territory. There is a blue jay outside. I think it is a blue jay, but not sure since I’m colorblind. I bark salutations at the small bird. It ignored me.

Mid-morning. My human is making breakfast. Smells like pancakes and maple syrup. Delicious. I sit like a good boy next to my human. Human won’t give me any pancakes. Just to make sure my human is paying attention, I tap my paw on her leg. I gave her my cutest good boy sitting pose. Yes, a piece of pancake! Wait a minute, where’s the syrup?

Noon. Nap time. Zzzzz.

Afternoon. Play time. Outside. Romping around and chasing nonexistent squirrels.

Late afternoon. I heard someone opening the mailbox. “Hey, don’t touch my house, you mail person! Why must you come everyday and touch that mailbox? Leave it alone!” This mail person is irritating.

Evening. Food time. For me, a nice bowl of kibbles. For my human, a plate of grilled cheese sandwich. Human always gets the better food. I tried my best to get a morsel of that sandwich. No luck.

Bedtime. Before I go to bed, I went searching for an ink pen. I wanted to write something to my human. This was hard to do because I couldn’t find an ink pen and I don’t have opposable thumbs. That was a waste of time. Oh well, I will just have to give her kisses on her face.

Good night.


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