If dogs can speak human

For most dogs, I want to know what dogs are thinking about except for my dog. I don’t really want to know what my dog is saying to me because it is most likely not going to be nice. Despite his adorable looks, his persona is a grumpy old man who sits on his front porch all day and yell at anyone trespassing his property. My friend and I have determined that if my dog could speak in human, it would be full of swears, complaints, and demands. A lot of demands about food.

I do want to know about his life before I adopted him. What was he like as a young puppy? Was he a stud for a puppy farm or the people who had him before didn’t care about neutering him? Was he abandoned or did he ran away? If he can speak human, that is what I want to know. Most likely, he would be swearing at me for leaving him at home alone for a quick minute while I am taking the trash out. When I came back from Taiwan, I gave my dog a new nickname. I called him Andy Ah-Tso. (Ah-Tso means great-grandparent in Taiwanese.) He really lives up to that name since he is around 15 years old in dog age.


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