Going to the fair 

It was that time again. Going to the OC Fair. Last year, I went on the last day of the fair. This time around, we went on the first weekend of August. We rode on the OC Fair Express again, which is a great service. This time, we took the bus from ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) since it just opened and closer to my home. It’s that big building with colorful lights off the 57 freeway near the Angel Stadium and Honda Center. Nice building for a transportation hub, but not very busy. However, it was nice to wait for the bus in an air-conditioned building with clean restrooms. The best part is that it didn’t smell like urine. That was what it was like when we took the bus from Fullerton Park and Ride last year.

This year, I had a food game plan for the fair. Three food items I wanted to eat: deep-fried pepperoni pizza, deep-fried coffee, and bacon wrapped pork belly. I ate all three items and then some. The only fair food picture I took was the deep-fried coffee. It is difficult to remember to take a picture when I was starving. The deep-fried pepperoni pizza was really good with the side of ranch dressing. That bacon wrapped pork belly is made for pork lovers. It was delicious after seasoning it with salt and pepper. For dessert, I had samples of my friends’ gelato ice creams. The pears gelato was amazing. I am regretting now that I didn’t buy a gelato scoop of my own. There was a peach champagne flavor that I wanted to try. Maybe next year. Overall, it was a good time at the fair. The weather was cool at night and the fair wasn’t packed with so many people. Good thing I wore my glasses because the smoke from all those huge grills would have irritated my contact lenses. Oh, and my friend wanted to steal a Minion plush toy from a little girl.


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