Hot and humid. That is how I remember visiting Maokong in Taipei. It is up in the mountains and the fastest way to get there is to ride on the gondolas. Maokong is famous for teas since that is where they grow the tea leaves. It have become a major tourist attraction, so people who go up there are mostly tourists. Plenty of small cafes and eateries up there.

I rode on the crystal cabin on the way up and it wasn’t scary looking down at the transparent floor. It was fun. The not fun part was the heat inside the cabin. No air conditioning, only the windows were open for the breeze to come inside the cabin. I had to beat the heat by fanning myself with a pamphlet. The entire ride took about 20 minutes. Once I made it to Maokong, I did a little bit of walking around and subsequently, getting bitten by mosquitoes. Met a nice Taiwanese grandma and her two big doggies. Since I was in Maokong, I had to drink some tea. I found a little tea cafe and ordered an iced oolong tea. It was so good and refreshing. If the weather was a lot cooler, I would have done more hiking. Well, that is what I get for visiting Taiwan in July. Hot and humid. It was really hot that day.


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