Thoughts on the Final Semester

The light at the end of tunnel is almost here. I have finally reach my final semester at Cal State Fullerton. One class left and then graduation. The fall semester has already started last week. Since I live very close to the campus, I saw many new faces around the neighborhood. A lot of these new faces look young, which made me feel old and slightly grouchy. 

What I am going to do after graduation is hard to say. Should I stay on at my current job? I know that I need an actual career, but in what career field? Stay in the home appliance industry? No clue. I should have it figure it out by now, but I don’t have a clear cut career path. I am sort of thinking about staying within the home appliance industry since I am familiar with it, but at a different company. I am eyeing at a particular company where I am interested in applying for a position. It’s a sales position and I think I can do it. That company seems to have room to advance. I will have to see. My focus right now should be on the academic and pass this capstone course. 

Graduate school? Maybe in the future. Distant future. 


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