No more contract 

The two-year contract with my phone carrier is finally over. Once it ended, I immediately requested to have my iPhone unlock. The unlocking should have been simple according to the instructions, but it was unnecessarily complicated for me. The fault was on my end. I should have done the back up and restore the phone through iTunes from my new laptop right from the beginning. Instead, I used my old laptop and that was the main reason why it caused me so much grief. It turns out that everything must be updated, the newest iTunes version and updated operating system, to have a successful unlocked phone.  When I figured this out, it was already 3 in the morning. My old laptop had too many updates to install because I hardly use it anymore. With the new laptop, I was finally able to restore the phone on iTunes and it gave me a banner that said, “Congratulations! Your phone is unlocked.” I still had to use the old laptop to restored the back up to the unlocked iPhone since the back up was done on it. Once the back up was finished, I had to re-download the apps. So many hours wasted.

Anyway, my iPhone is unlocked and free from contract which means switching to a new lower cost phone carrier plan. (Hi, Cricket Wireless!) I still like my iPhone 5s, so I’m not interested in getting the new 6s. Before, I would have upgrade to the newest iPhone model immediately once I was upgrade eligible. Now, I can wait for the iPhone 7. The 5s is still a good phone and it haven’t broken down on me yet. The happy news is that I am going to save around $20 in my new monthly plan. Win-win. No more contract.


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