The D word 

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in October. Since I am still relatively young, my doctor said I can reverse it with diet and exercise. So far, my blood sugar levels are getting lower to the normal range with the help of medication. 

I wasn’t really shocked when my bloodwork came back with a high A1C (11.6) and a high blood sugar level (310). I felt I was already predisposed to have it since my mom have diabetes when she was pregnant with me. I was a bit disappointed that it happened and I didn’t do anything to prevent it. The good thing is that I was diagnosed early enough and can control it. Going to the doctor for a routine physical really do help. I’m glad I went this year. 

It’s too bad that I had to changed my medication from metformin to glipizide. Metformin was easier to take because it was just one pill per day. My stomach is too sensitive to metformin and it gave me intense stomach pain for three days. With glipizide, it does lower my blood sugar levels faster which is why it must be taken before meals and there have been no side effects. Overall, I want to have it under control and hopefully be taken off the medication in the near future. 


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