I still can’t believe that it is the last month of the 2015. How did the year went by so fast? It felt like yesterday when I was suffering through the heatwave and wearing shorts. Now, I am attempting to keep warm with cold weather clothes and wearing boots. For me, 40°F to 60°F is very cold. Below 40°F is freezing. Since El Niño is here, there have been some rain. Not bad for drought stricken California, but I’m not used to wet weather yet.

Good news is that I am officially done with my undergraduate studies. Just took my last final exam a few nights ago. I don’t know how I did on the exam yet, but it felt good to be done. No more classes. After many years of working and going to school, I will finally have my Bachelor’s degree. Next step is finding a new job. It’s time to move on my current job. I can say that the new year is going to be interesting. It will definitely be different.


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