26 Days Ago

I wrote this nearly a month ago when I was under the influence of cold medications.

Almost a week into the new year and I caught a cold. Is this an auspicious start to 2016 for me? Right now, my mind is not thinking clearly. It is muddled and woozy. Currently, I am on DayQuil. When I get home from work, I will be sipping on some Theraflu. Before I go to bed, a shot of NyQuil to knock me out.

I am not sure if it is really help reduce the duration of a cold, but I bought a box of Cold-EEZE. Supposedly, zinc lozenges can make the cold go away faster. Well, I’m desperate. I hate the feeling of being sick. I’ll take any over the counter medications to make my cold go away quicker.

Updates (2/3/16)

I actually got over that cold fairly quickly. Maybe that Cold-EEZE did helped after all.



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