Spend the Day with Bob

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

Hi, my name is Bob and I’m a dog. Well, more of a mutt. Aren’t you curious about how I spend my day? It doesn’t matter because I will tell you anyway.

Morning. I stand by the window making sure no one goes in or out of my territory. There is a blue jay outside. I think it is a blue jay, but not sure since I’m colorblind. I bark salutations at the small bird. It ignored me.

Mid-morning. My human is making breakfast. Smells like pancakes and maple syrup. Delicious. I sit like a good boy next to my human. Human won’t give me any pancakes. Just to make sure my human is paying attention, I tap my paw on her leg. I gave her my cutest good boy sitting pose. Yes, a piece of pancake! Wait a minute, where’s the syrup?

Noon. Nap time. Zzzzz.

Afternoon. Play time. Outside. Romping around and chasing nonexistent squirrels.

Late afternoon. I heard someone opening the mailbox. “Hey, don’t touch my house, you mail person! Why must you come everyday and touch that mailbox? Leave it alone!” This mail person is irritating.

Evening. Food time. For me, a nice bowl of kibbles. For my human, a plate of grilled cheese sandwich. Human always gets the better food. I tried my best to get a morsel of that sandwich. No luck.

Bedtime. Before I go to bed, I went searching for an ink pen. I wanted to write something to my human. This was hard to do because I couldn’t find an ink pen and I don’t have opposable thumbs. That was a waste of time. Oh well, I will just have to give her kisses on her face.

Good night.

Existence of Sir Andy

Sir Andy who is also known simply as Andy is my adopted schnauzer mix terrier. I found him through Petsfinder one day five years ago. Despite his advanced age, he was listed as between 9 or 10 years old, I was ready to adopt him. There is a for adoption video of him and after watching it, I was in love. The one up and one down ears are adorable! I contacted the organization, Jason Heigl Foundation, that rescued him from the local shelter and turned out that they were having an adoption fair that weekend. It was at Los Feliz which was a bit of a drive from Orange County, but I didn’t care. I wanted to see this little guy. The adoption process was relatively easy and he was home with me a week later. Before he was Sir Andy, his name was Mogli. Sir Andy, I think, suits him much better.

I adopted him in February and we have been together for five years now. Andy had changed a lot since then. I don’t know his past history and his upbringing (I longed to see his puppy pictures). He was definitely someone’s dog because he is house-trained and knew how to behave well. His good behavior is based on food which will always be his motivation. For the first few months after I adopted him, he was very quiet and seemed afraid to look up at me. It took awhile for Andy to adjust to his new home and have complete trust on me. His personality today is different from five years ago. He got that grumpy old man personality who is really sweet inside. Andy enjoys telling me what to do. He is such a laid back old dude and will suck up to other people for attention.

He’s my stress reliever, foot warmer, body warmer, cuddling buddy, and my old sweet grumpy man. All I know is that Andy cannot vanish without a trace.

Here is Andy’s for adoption video which is still on YouTube. I still like watching it.

Sir Andy in December 2014. After a trip to the groomer.

Andy 2014

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do or Die.”

Second #RoyalBaby

Today’s daily prompt,
to become heir to the throne
or the off-the-hook
sibling? That’s the prompt today.

The Palace announced
the Duchess is expecting
a second baby.
That is an exciting news!
Maybe it will be a girl.

What is my answer?
Never wanted to be an heir.
Off-the-hook is great,
less pressure when further from
the throne. Heir to throne, not fun.

Be like Prince Harry,
he’s not a spare anymore.
Have an easy life
as lesser Royal member.
Off-the-hook is the best choice!

That is my answer
to today’s daily post prompt.
Being an heir, not bad.
Being off-the-hook is better.
More play, more fun, less pressure.

Did today’s daily prompt in tanka. More than one tanka in a poem is called choka. Writing poetry is not easy.

Edited (9/10/14): Made a few revisions, so it actually follow the tanka format of 5-7-5-7-7. 

Pick Your Potion: Iced Tea

What’s my potion? Iced tea.

Don’t really have a specific iced tea that I really like, I like iced tea in general. However, I like the iced tea straight without any sweetener. I don’t understand the need to add sugar into iced tea. I like to taste the tea that I’m drinking. The only iced tea drinks that I understand why it need sugar are Boba Milk Tea and Thai Tea. Whenever I go out to eat and the server ask for my drink order, it is most likely to be iced tea. If not, it is iced water. I’m not a fan of sodas except for the new Fizzio sodas from Starbucks (Lemon Ale is my Fizzio potion). I am definitely a tea person. I rarely drink coffee because of the weird side effects it have on me. 

Boba Milk Tea
Happy Boba Milk Tea

The iced tea that i drink the most at home is the Golden Oolong Tea from Ito En. I always buy the 2 liter bottle of it when it is on sale at the Asian markets. It’s so good when it have been chilled in the fridge. This one is probably my signature beverage because I drink it the most. Then it is the unsweetened Passion Tango iced tea from Starbucks. I really like to drink tea a lot. Iced tea is what I like the most. Not too crazy about hot tea, but I’ll drink it anyway. 

Golden Oolong Tea
Signature beverage. Best served chilled.



Unintended Crass Humor

I am currently on a summer internship for marketing. It’s unpaid, so the internship feels more like a seminar about e-marketing on Saturday mornings. On one of these Saturday morning sessions, my internship leader was giving a lecture and he was telling us about what restaurants do to retain their customers. Over here in Southern California, especially in the Orange County area, there are a lot of chain restaurants and one of them is called BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. He went on to described how BJ’s is good with their customers and ended it by saying very excitedly, “I LOVE BJ’s!”

Majority of the interns are young and in their twenties. We looked at each other and tried our best to not laugh. Of course we knew that he meant the restaurant, but we were all thinking about the other acronym for BJ. He knew immediately that it came off a bit X-rated, but he continued on like nothing happened. Rest of us continued on like nothing happened. It didn’t help that we can’t stop laughing about it afterward. Yeah, no one in that group session have an innocent pure mind.

Daily Post 

Flowers for Elliot

Elliot is not a flowers type of man. He thought it was strange to find a huge flower bouquet on his doorstep. What is this atrocious thing?

He picked up the bouquet to looked for any card attached to it. There was nothing to tell who is it from and if this odd flower bouquet is actually for him. What am I going to do with it?

Elliot took the bouquet back inside his house and set it down on his kitchen countertop. It’s not his birthday and there is no special occasion around this time. As he stand there inside his kitchen wondering about the mysterious person who sent him flowers, he noticed that the flowers brighten up his house. The bright colors from the petals looked lovely in his home.

He started to pottered around his house looking for a container or something vase-like to put the bouquet in it. Ah-ha! He found a water pitcher in the back of the cupboard. It’s a nice crystal one that he got as a housewarming present from his mother. He dusted it and put some water in it for the flowers. The bouquet went in the crystal pitcher and he set it on his dining table.

Hmmm, it looks pretty good. Quite nice. Elliot smiled and thought that the flowers are not atrocious anymore. For some odd reason, he stop caring who sent it. He’s happy that someone gave him flowers.

Naming a Thing

Personally, I don’t name inanimate objects. The only time I named an inanimate object was my car, but I gave that up. I named my Honda Fit, Ziggy, because it can zig-zag through traffic. Except I never called my car  Ziggy since I don’t talk to it like a person. It’s just an automobile with good mile per gallon and it can take me where I want to go. I guess I don’t see the appeal to it. Also, I kept forgetting the name for it. Even now, before I wrote this post, it took me awhile to remember what was the name that I once gave my car. I remember that it started with a Z. I was confused if it was Zaggy or Ziggy. Then I remember that it was Ziggy because of that Spice Girls song, Wannabe. I gave up with the name Ziggy and I called my car the name that it was given by Honda, Fit. And it really does fit anywhere.

I know someone who named most of her inanimate objects and she even called them by their names. To me, I find that odd. Naming your pets is fine, but I don’t see a point of naming objects like stuffed toys, cars, or smartphones. So when she refer to her car by the name she gave it, I find it strange. It already has a name, they called it Camry. But what can I do or say, naming inanimate objects makes her happy. Some people like naming things and other people don’t really care about it. I suppose I am in that don’t-really-care-about-it category.