Flowers for Elliot

Elliot is not a flowers type of man. He thought it was strange to find a huge flower bouquet on his doorstep. What is this atrocious thing?

He picked up the bouquet to looked for any card attached to it. There was nothing to tell who is it from and if this odd flower bouquet is actually for him. What am I going to do with it?

Elliot took the bouquet back inside his house and set it down on his kitchen countertop. It’s not his birthday and there is no special occasion around this time. As he stand there inside his kitchen wondering about the mysterious person who sent him flowers, he noticed that the flowers brighten up his house. The bright colors from the petals looked lovely in his home.

He started to pottered around his house looking for a container or something vase-like to put the bouquet in it. Ah-ha! He found a water pitcher in the back of the cupboard. It’s a nice crystal one that he got as a housewarming present from his mother. He dusted it and put some water in it for the flowers. The bouquet went in the crystal pitcher and he set it on his dining table.

Hmmm, it looks pretty good. Quite nice. Elliot smiled and thought that the flowers are not atrocious anymore. For some odd reason, he stop caring who sent it. He’s happy that someone gave him flowers.

Sitting in the Middle

“Can I get an aisle seat, please?”

“No, sorry, the only seat available is a middle seat.”

“That’s fine, I’ll take it.”

I boarded the plane and went to look for my middle seat. It would have been nice if there was an aisle seat since I prefer sitting by the aisle. Easier to get up and run out the plane. Not today though. I will have to endured the middle seat. It’s not a long flight from Los Angeles to New York City, around five hours, so it shouldn’t be that bad.

My seatmate by the window is already seated. Thirtysomething man who is looking at his phone. Must be working on something since he was typing furiously on his touch screen phone. He said a quick hello when I sat next to him and he went back his work stuff. The aisle seatmate still haven’t arrive yet. I secretly hope that no one claim this empty seat, but it didn’t last long. An older lady is heading toward my direction and I knew immediately that she is coming for her aisle seat next to me.

I smiled at her when she took her seat. We exchanged pleasantries and I noticed by her accent that she is not from the United States. I asked if she is from Australia since I recognized her accent. She is Australian and was visiting an old friend in Los Angeles. Now she is on her way to New York to see her daughter.  As it turned out, this is her first visit to the States and she was unapologetic about being a tourist.

That five hours flew by so fast that it came as surprised when the captain announced over the speaker to prepare for the landing. Having a chatty seatmate made this particular flight a nice experience. I didn’t have to endured sitting in the middle seat since I had a delightful time talking to a nice Australian lady. When we landed at the airport, we said our goodbyes and I told her to have a good time in New York.

Day after 4th of July

Must wake up. The morning sun is too bright. What happened last night? Last thing I remember was the neighbors setting off fire sparklers. Drank too much sangria. Oh, the dog is barking at me. Must walk the dog. Outside now. The morning air is already warm. It’s going to be a hot day today. Dog is happily walking along and doing his business. Ran into the super friendly neighbor’s cat. Dog ignored the cat and so did the cat to my dog. The cat came up to me instead. She knows that I will pet her. Gave her a good scratch on her bum and she is off on her way doing cat things. Back at home now from the dog walk. What’s for breakfast? Looking inside the refrigerator. I spied a pot of leftover soup. Hmmm, a bowl of soup is a nice way to start the day. It’s seaweed soup with beef. My favorite. This bowl of soup is very delicious. What should I do today? The day is too nice to stay at home. Maybe go to the beach? Yes, the beach sounds ideal. Perfect place to enjoy this sunny beautiful day. It will be nice to lay on a beach towel, do a bit of sunning, and read a few chapters of George R. R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings. Must get ready now. Get the things sorted out and head off to the beach. It will be a good day today. The day after 4th of July.

Inspired from today’s Daily Prompt.


He loves numbers. It makes complete sense to him. Everything in life have to do with mathematics. In his world, there is no such thing as the grey area. It’s either this or that.

That is the reason why he have a hard time finding a girlfriend. None of his relationships ever went over two weeks. He is too honest, sometimes brutally honest. It’s very unromantic-like.

He wants to be with someone, but the person have to be similar like him. Someone who can understand him and don’t mind his brutal honesty. If he can find that person, he would stay with that special person for infinity.

Weekly writing challenge: Fifty-Words Inspiration

Inspired from “On the Importance of Not Being Literal” by Standing Ovation, Seated

Decade is a period of ten years.
Century is a period of one hundred years.
Millennium is a period of one thousand years.
“Together forever” lasts a fortnight.

That is, statistically.
That is, in about 90% of cases.

That is also why romantic mathematicians are so hard to come by!

Rock Paper Scissors


Let me tell you an origin tale  of the well-known hand game, rock paper scissors.

During the Han dynasty in China, two young boys, Lee and Wen, were playing outside together. They came across a small river that can be easily jump across from one side to the other side. Since Lee and Wen were children, jumping across the river was a bit difficult for them. Wen looked at the river wondering to himself if he can jump across this river. He turned to Lee and said, “How about you go first since you’re older than me.” Lee balked at him, “I’m only older than you by two days, there is no way I am going first! You go first!” Soon thereafter, the two boys were arguing between themselves about who is going first because both of them were cowardly boys deep inside. For fifteen minutes, they stood by the riverbank yelling at each other and their voices got louder with every passing seconds.

Suddenly, a little girl appeared at the other side of the river. “Hey! What are you two yelling about?” the little girl asked the two boys. Both Lee and Wen immediately stopped arguing with each other and stared at the little girl. They were now sheepishly embarrassed. “If you want to jump over the river, you should play some kind of games to figure out who is going to jump first,” said the little girl. “Like what kind of games?” Lee asked from across the river. “I don’t know, maybe some sort of hand game,” said the girl.

Wen instantly liked the hand game idea, but he doesn’t know any hand games. Lee also liked the idea and started thinking on how to play a hand game that he can win. They looked aimlessly at the area around them to get any ideas for a hand game. The little girl was getting impatient because instead of yelling at each other for fifteen minutes, the boys were now silently standing around deep in thought. She couldn’t stand it anymore and yelled, “Aiya! Just do a fist game!”

That was when Lee got an idea. He noticed the pebbles around the river and the leaves from the trees. The leaves looked similar to paper and paper can be use to wrap a rock. A scissor can cut a piece of paper, but a rock can damage it. “I got it!”, Lee exclaimed  to Wen, “let’s play rock paper scissor with our fists!” Wen was confused, he gave Lee his bemused expression. “We use our hand to shape it to rock, paper, or scissor, ” explained Lee, “rock is a closed fist, paper is open and flat hand, and scissor is closed fist with two fingers extended.” After the short explanation from Lee, Wen understood this hand game of rock paper scissors. “Hurry up!” the little girl impatiently yelled at the boys.

After spending almost half hour standing by the riverbank, Lee and Wen played their first game of rock paper scissors. Wen threw down a paper and Lee did a rock. Lee was very shocked by this outcome because paper beats rock. “Let’s do two out of three rounds”, said Lee, which Wen agreed to because Lee is older than him by two days. Turned out that Wen is naturally good at rock paper scissors. Lee, in the end, was the first one to jump across the river. This time he did it without any argument and it also help that there was a cute girl waiting at the other side of the river. He mustered up his courage, did a running start before jumping across the small river. Lee narrowly missed the river. Wen quickly followed suit and safely landed at the other side of river. He was also naturally gifted in jumping across a river.

The little girl was jumping up and down in excitement. “What’s your name?” the two boys asked the girl.

Jia,” yelled the little girl as she ran off, “see if you can try to catch me!”

“Let’s play rock paper scissors again”, said Lee to Wen, “and see who should chase after her.”

The end.