26 Days Ago

I wrote this nearly a month ago when I was under the influence of cold medications.

Almost a week into the new year and I caught a cold. Is this an auspicious start to 2016 for me? Right now, my mind is not thinking clearly. It is muddled and woozy. Currently, I am on DayQuil. When I get home from work, I will be sipping on some Theraflu. Before I go to bed, a shot of NyQuil to knock me out.

I am not sure if it is really help reduce the duration of a cold, but I bought a box of Cold-EEZE. Supposedly, zinc lozenges can make the cold go away faster. Well, I’m desperate. I hate the feeling of being sick. I’ll take any over the counter medications to make my cold go away quicker.

Updates (2/3/16)

I actually got over that cold fairly quickly. Maybe that Cold-EEZE did helped after all.


New Year, New Things

I graduated! Finally. The official date when the degree was awarded to me was on January 4, 2016. However, the commencement ceremony is not until May. I should take part of the commencement since it took 11 years to reached this goal. Also, my dad wants to see me wearing the cap and gown walking across the stage. Sigh…parents.

My Bachelor’s degree is suppose to show up in my mailbox soon. Don’t know when, but it should be anytime now. I can’t wait to frame it and have it prominently display in my living room.

The next step is finding a new job. I had applied to several jobs and so far, mostly rejections. It’s a bit depressing, but I am aware that job searching is not easy. I did get one phone interview and it seemed to went well. The interviewer said that I am a good candidate and would call me later to schedule an in person interview. Cross my fingers.

2016 should be an interesting year. Please find me a new job soon. 

Serial Season 2: Bowe Bergdahl 

Last year, I was hooked on Serial when I heard the very first episode. Baltimore teenage love/true crime murder mystery. It was intriguing and I was hooked. I still have so many questions even though the first season ended. I was excited when I heard that season 2 was coming soon, but I had doubts because the rumor had it that it was about Bowe Bergdahl. I just don’t know if it can be as good of a story as Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee.

Well, season two of Serial is about Bowe Bergdahl and it turned out to be somewhat interesting. My doubts are due to my bias. I served in the US Army and I’m a veteran. I know how the Army works and I can understand how those soldiers felt when Bergdahl deliberately left his post in Afghanistan. I don’t have good opinions on Bergdahl and I still think he needs to be court-martial. But listening to the first two episodes let me understand this person a little bit and the reasons why he did it. It’s important to know that one decision can lead to heavy consequences and in Bergdahl’s case, global consequences. I think this is what Serial is presenting to their listeners for season two. 

However, the Baltimore teenage love/true crime murder mystery of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee is still much more intriguing than Bowe Bergdahl. At least, Sarah Koenig is really good at explaining how the Army works to everyday civilians. 


I still can’t believe that it is the last month of the 2015. How did the year went by so fast? It felt like yesterday when I was suffering through the heatwave and wearing shorts. Now, I am attempting to keep warm with cold weather clothes and wearing boots. For me, 40°F to 60°F is very cold. Below 40°F is freezing. Since El Niño is here, there have been some rain. Not bad for drought stricken California, but I’m not used to wet weather yet.

Good news is that I am officially done with my undergraduate studies. Just took my last final exam a few nights ago. I don’t know how I did on the exam yet, but it felt good to be done. No more classes. After many years of working and going to school, I will finally have my Bachelor’s degree. Next step is finding a new job. It’s time to move on my current job. I can say that the new year is going to be interesting. It will definitely be different.

The D word 

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in October. Since I am still relatively young, my doctor said I can reverse it with diet and exercise. So far, my blood sugar levels are getting lower to the normal range with the help of medication. 

I wasn’t really shocked when my bloodwork came back with a high A1C (11.6) and a high blood sugar level (310). I felt I was already predisposed to have it since my mom have diabetes when she was pregnant with me. I was a bit disappointed that it happened and I didn’t do anything to prevent it. The good thing is that I was diagnosed early enough and can control it. Going to the doctor for a routine physical really do help. I’m glad I went this year. 

It’s too bad that I had to changed my medication from metformin to glipizide. Metformin was easier to take because it was just one pill per day. My stomach is too sensitive to metformin and it gave me intense stomach pain for three days. With glipizide, it does lower my blood sugar levels faster which is why it must be taken before meals and there have been no side effects. Overall, I want to have it under control and hopefully be taken off the medication in the near future. 

Watching the Moon

Last night was that rare event, supermoon + lunar eclipse . It was a must to watch the skies since the next time this will happen again is in 2033. I went to the rooftop of the parking structure on campus to watch the moon. There were several people there who had the same idea. The skies were a bit cloudy, but I was able to see the blood moon during the lunar eclipse. Also, the Chinese holiday, Mid-Autumn Festival, coincides with the supermoon lunar eclipse event. Too bad I wasn’t eating a moon cake while watching the moon.

My attempt at photographing the lunar eclipse with the iPhone. Not the greatest, but the reddish moon is there.

Supermoon + lunar eclipse

The time lapse video from AP is much better.