I would not have shown up for the commencement if it was up to me. Just seemed like a hassle to show up for the ceremony in May when I already received the diploma in January. However, I did went to the commencement. When I told my father earlier this year that I was finished with university, he asked me if he can come to my graduation. Obviously, it is wrong to say no to him.

So, on an early Saturday morning, I woke up very early in the morning to get ready for the ceremonies which started at 8 am. As I was getting ready, I felt like I was doing my duty as a daughter to make my father happy. My father had asked me many times in the past when am I ever going to graduate from school. Due to my enlistment to the Army Reserve and the year-long overseas deployment to the Middle East, the journey to earn my Bachelor degree took a longer time. I started at the community college, Cypress College, in 2004, where I earned my Associate degree in 2011. Then I finally transferred to CSU Fullerton in the fall of 2012. lt also took longer because I work full-time while taking classes. I couldn’t take many units of classes per semester because the workload would be too much for me. It wasn’t a surprise that my father constantly asked me when am I going to be done with school. That journey was a long one, around twelve years.

I didn’t get really excited for the commencement until I was in the assembly area and walking the processional with the rest of my fellow graduates and candidates for the main university commencement. It was the Pomp and Circumstance music that really got to me along with the infectious happy atmosphere. It finally hit me that I deserved to be part of the commencement. It wasn’t just for my father, but also for me to finally celebrate that I made it through the journey to get that Bachelor degree. I finally did it!

The day of the commencement was a nice weather day. It wasn’t very hot which was good since the ceremonies were held outdoors. There were two ceremonies for the commencement. The first is the main university commencement and the second is for the different colleges/departments ceremonies. Even though the weather was especially nice, I was sweating a lot underneath the black polyester gown. The heat was trapped inside the gown. My college ceremony was also held outdoors in the same location as the main one. Some of the other colleges ceremonies were lucky enough to be held indoors. Thank goodness that there were cool breezes. Southern California sun can be too bright sometimes.

It’s cheesy, but it was nice to hear my name being called in recognition of my concentration in Business Economics. What made it extra nice is the name reader is Chinese and she pronounced my given Chinese name perfectly. Recognizing the hard work and achievement is the main point of commencement and it felt really awesome to be recognized. I am very glad that I went and my father was there. He was happy and I was happy. That was all I need.

Go Class of 2016! 

Thoughts on the Final Semester

The light at the end of tunnel is almost here. I have finally reach my final semester at Cal State Fullerton. One class left and then graduation. The fall semester has already started last week. Since I live very close to the campus, I saw many new faces around the neighborhood. A lot of these new faces look young, which made me feel old and slightly grouchy. 

What I am going to do after graduation is hard to say. Should I stay on at my current job? I know that I need an actual career, but in what career field? Stay in the home appliance industry? No clue. I should have it figure it out by now, but I don’t have a clear cut career path. I am sort of thinking about staying within the home appliance industry since I am familiar with it, but at a different company. I am eyeing at a particular company where I am interested in applying for a position. It’s a sales position and I think I can do it. That company seems to have room to advance. I will have to see. My focus right now should be on the academic and pass this capstone course. 

Graduate school? Maybe in the future. Distant future. 

Spring Semester 2015

New year.

Slowly getting used to my new work and school schedule. Taking three classes on campus is something I have to get used to, but it is a bit hard. I have never been on campus everyday until this semester. Monday through Thursday, I am at the campus by 3:30 pm if the freeway traffic is really good from my workplace. It’s exhausting even though it only been two weeks.

I still don’t know if taking three economics classes was a good idea. The classes that I’m taking is interesting so far: International Trade, Economic Development, and Intro to Econometrics. Let see how I will turn out in early April when Spring Break arrive. I have to keep reminding myself that I only have one more semester left before I graduate.

Anyway, a cliché sunset photo that I took recently after class. I really do love the pink sunsets.

Sunset CSUF Jan 2015

Fall Semester is Almost Here

In a couple of weeks, the fall semester will begin. This will be my fifth semester at the university since transferring from Cypress College. If everything goes as plan, next fall semester will be my last semester at Cal State Fullerton. Almost there! (Note to self: apply for graduation during this semester)

My general education requirements are finished and I finally completed all the upper-division classes for my business administration major. The only classes that are left are the upper-level economics classes for my business economics concentration, global business class (International Business Finance), and the capstone course which is the Seminar in Strategic Management. Yes, very fun classes. I actually made a spreadsheet for all the classes that I have to take to graduate. It is much better than writing it down on my notebook and promptly forgetting where I put that notebook. I must thank Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston who invented the first spreadsheet. Spreadsheet is the best.

Let’s hope I can make it through this upcoming fall semester. I am taking two classes online and one class on-campus. The fun online classes are International Business Finance and the International Economy. Huh, I didn’t realize that both online classes are about the international subject until now. The exciting on-campus class is Economics Research Methods. This should definitely be exciting, right? It’s my business economics concentration requirement that I have to take, so I can take the upper-level economics classes. These are not easy classes and I hope I can pass the classes. I will have to remind myself not to be lazy and procrastinate. Stay motivated for the next four months.

Oh, why did I choose business economics as my concentration? Why didn’t I pick management or marketing like everyone else?

Few Instagram photos that I took around campus during the previous semesters. 

Windy. Monday night class. #mihaylo #csuf

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Pink sunset #csuf #fullerton #vscocam

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Spring 2013 Enrollment

These are the classes I am going to take for the Spring 2013 semester

ANTH 321 – Peoples of Native North America

ASAM 320 – Asian-American Creative Expression

ISDS 361B – Quantitative Business Analysis: Statistics & Management Science

I was originally going to take two classes, but decided against it. The housing money from the GI Bill is really nice. That extra money helps out a lot with my credit card bills. In order to receive the housing money, I must enroll as a full-time student, which is 7 or more units at CSUF. So, these three classes make me a full-time student at 9 units. Thanks goodness six of those units are entirely online.
The online classes are the upper-division GE classes, ANTH 321 and ASAM 320, and it will fulfill my general education requirements at CSUF. No more GE classes after the Spring semester! Just business admin/business economic classes. Since the GE classes are online, I feel that it will be somewhat easier on my schedule. I like online classes because of the flexibility and I don’t have to meet on-campus.
ISDS 361B will definitely be my hardest class. ISDS 361A is already my hardest class in this Fall semester. That class is no joke. I hoping to pass ISDS 361A with a C or higher. Maybe if I study like crazy, I can get a B. Anyway, I’m taking the same professor for ISDS 361B. I will be so glad when this business major requirement for ISDS is over.

October Updates

Been awhile since I last updated my blog. Over two months now. Summer past and it’s now autumn. Still doesn’t really feel like autumn since the weather is warm. There was a heatwave last weekend. Seriously. Over a hundred degree. It was crazy hot.

I’m more than a month in my first fall semester at CSUF. Taking three classes is a bit hectic. I wish I don’t have to work full-time, so I can take more classes and be focus on my studies. Faster to graduate, too. Nope, not the case for me. Must work for the mortgage and the bills. Anyway, two classes are on campus and one class is entirely online.

My three classes that I am taking are:

BUAD 301 Advanced Business Communication (Saturday morning class)
ISDS 361A Probability & Statistics (Thursday night class)
PHYS 301 Energy & Sustainability (Online class)

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