Cherry Tomato

A friend of mine told me about Groables from Miracle Gro. It sounded very easy and was only a dollar at Walmart. I only bought one seed pod just to try and see if it actually work. There were many different vegetable and fruit choices available at Walmart, but I picked the cherry tomato. It’s my favorite and I can eat so many of them.



It was super easy to plant and all I have to do is water everyday. And wait for it to sprout and grow up to be cherry tomatoes.

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It took about a week when it started to sprout. A tiny baby sprout. I was so excited when I saw it. It actually works!

There are now two sprouts. I was told by my friend to thin them when they are a bit taller. Something about helping the tomatoes not to be overcrowded. Probably another couple of weeks before I can start thinning it out.


One of the seeds ran away from the pod. I hope it does okay out there by itself.