Healthy Balance

I’ve followed my doctor’s advice. She recommended that I join a weight management program to help with my type 2 diabetes. It’s 14 weeks long program and meet once a week. Actually, it is 24 weeks, but 14 weeks is the minimum requirement. Currently, I am at week 6 and had lost around six pounds. Since I started the program, I’ve been eating out less and cooking more in the kitchen. I think I’ve ate more vegetables than ever before. I’m also trying to be more active by walking a lot more during the weekdays by going to the nearby park at work during lunch and walk for 20 or so minutes. I am trying to do more hiking in the weekend, but so far I only hiked once.

Meeting once a week does help keeping me accountable. Since I prepaid the 14 weeks session, it forced me to show up for every session. Every session that I had attended so far had been a helpful learning experience. It’s good to know that there are other people who face similar struggles with their health and weight. What also really help is MyFitnessPal app and the pedometer on my phone. I even ordered a Fitbit recently to help me track my steps better because carrying my phone everywhere is not convenient. Using MyFitnessPal to track what I eat was an eye opener when I first started using it. I can easily over eat without thinking about it. That is probably the main cause of my diabetes. Eating too much and not getting enough exercise. MyFitnessPal has been a useful tool for me to track my daily calorie intake.

What I need is not a quick weight loss, but a major lifestyle change. Less processed food, more healthy food. With this weight management program, it is to eat more vegetables. Simply put, I need a healthy balance in my life.