Missing that punkĀ 

It been a week since Andy, my little punk, passed away. I am not so sad anymore because I know he is in a much better place. His health and quality of life was declining so rapidly before his sudden passing. The little punk’s body was shutting down due to his old age. I don’t know his real age, but it was definitely 15 plus years old. I have to remind myself all the positive things about his passing. One of his last treats was a cheese cube that I stuffed his pain medication in it. He happily munched on it and was at least high on his pain meds when it happened. When I told the vet what happened, she said that he probably had another stroke and a clot went to his brain. At least it was quick and painless for Andy. He probably didn’t realize what happened.That gave me some peace in my heart. Andy didn’t suffer when he passed away. 

What I miss the most are the little noises. My home is too quiet now. Even though I know that he is no longer here, I keep expecting to see him at his usual places. I miss hearing him click clacking on the hardwood floor whenever he wandered throughout the house. I miss the sounds when he drank water from his bowl. The ways he used to block me and make me almost trip over him, that little punk. It the little things I really miss the most of all. Coming home to an empty and quiet house is quite hard and sad. I don’t spend much time at home lately because of it. It is a little depressing to come home and not seeing his little face at the window of the patio door waiting for me. I haven’t been able to put away his dog beds or bowls away. It is too hard for me to put it away in storage. Eventually, when some time have pass, I will store it for future uses. I am glad I will be going on a vacation for a few days later this week. It will be good to get away from my house for the time being. It’s too quiet at home. 

Dogs are so wonderful. I miss having one.